The best companies recognise that to remain competitive, innovative new products, processes and services are essential. Companies that innovate are 80% more profitable that those who don’t, but few SMEs possess all the skills required to turn a bright idea into a product, process or service ready for market. This is where we can help.

  • Do you have an idea for a great new product, process or service?
  • Are you already working in an “Innovation Network,” collaborating with two or more other small businesses within the West Midlands region with the complementary resources and skills you need to develop the idea? Or could you bring such a group together?
  • Would up to £15,000 help?

If so the Innovation Networks project may be able to help you.

The Innovation Networks scheme has been running successfully in the region for 10 years and has now been awarded ERDF funding to carry on until June 2015.

30th March 2015 - Sorry, we have now allocated all our funds and are not taking any further applications.